Groups and Organizations

  1. Sandpoint Guards

    The Sandpoint Guards serve as the town’s watch and guard force. It is composed of Sherrif Belor Hemlock and his 12 deputies who regularly patrol the town’s streets and, more infrequently, the surrounding country side. At any time, there are generally 3-4 guards on duty and they patrol alone. In times of emergency however, the guards can call upon the Sandpoint Militia to add another 50 able bodied men to their roster.

    They are based out of the
    Sandpoint Garrison.

  2. Sandpoint Intelligentsia

    The Sandpoint Intelligentsia is the internal nickname for the sages and scholars in Sandpoint. While generally good people, they are also a little snobbish towards those they consider to be their intellectual inferiors.

    It’s members include:

    1. Maximillian Deverin
    2. Ilsoari Gandethus
    3. Chask Haladon
    4. Veznut Parooh
    5. Brodert Quink

  3. Sandpoint Militia

    The Sandpoint Militia forms the bulk of the military strength of Sandpoint and is composed of Sandpoint volunteers. The group is approximately 60 strong and officially led by Sheriff Belor Hemlock in his capacity as a member of the Magnimaran Military, however, unofficially, the Sandpoint Mercantile League has considerable sway as well.

Groups and Organizations

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