(Sandpoint) Foxglove, Aldern

Nobleman and brief adventuring companion.


Aldern Foxglove was a childhood friend of Maximillian Deverin’s who, years later, contacted Max about researching his family’s history.

Aldern was a nice, generous fellow who took a keen interest in the group, particularly Max and Zadok, after they rescued him during the Goblin attack at the Swallowtail Festival. Afterwards, he stayed close to Max for several days and even participated in the raid on the Sandpoint Glassworks. Though at first nervous, Aldern showed real skill with a blade when he dispatched a Sinspawn in the catacombs below the Glassworks.

Afterwards he departed the group’s company, promising to one day repay them for all they had done for him.

(Sandpoint) Foxglove, Aldern

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