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Session 2

Start Session 2
Sunday – 9/25/4707
Monday – 9/26/4707

Start Session 2

Sunday – 9/25/4707

    1. Location: Schooner Gulch Road
      1. 8:29am – Loem, hiding nearby so he can observe the Kaijitsu manor in his quest to find Shiro Kaijitsu,recognizes an approaching man as Zadok Tobyn, an old acquaintance from years ago who departed Sandpoint after the Late Unpleasantness.  He’s not seen him in years but remembers him well as a skilled swordsman and isn’t surprised when Grayst identifies him as the “Hero of Sandpoint” that he mentioned.
      2. 8:30amZadok finds Kaneda on the road from Kaijitsu Manor to town and gives him the note that he’d been given by Bethana Corwin. Kaneda reads it and says that they need to head to the Glassworks because he thinks his sister, Ameiko, has been kidnapped.  Zadok thinks that they should get Max and Raiden’s help before doing so, and so they head to the Rusty Dragon Inn.
      3. 8:35amLoem joins Zadok & Kaneda after a somewhat uncomfortable reunion of friendship and heads to the Rusty Dragon with them.
    2. Location: Rusty Dragon Inn
      1. 8:45amRaiden arrives at the Rusty Dragon Inn followed by Max & Aldern Foxglove who’d just spent a night drinking & learning a myriad of heroic tales from Brodert Quink & Veznut ParoohAldern seemed especially interested in these tales and kept asking questions that kept the two sages going into the wee hours of the morning.

        Further, Kaneda is virtually assaulted by an overwrought Bethana Corwin, the halfling maid at the Rusty Dragon Inn. She is worried sick about Ameiko and begs Kaneda to do find her.
    3. Location: Sandpoint Glassworks
      1. 8:50am - The party headed to the Sandpoint Glassworks to find that all the doors were locked and the curtains drawn. As they checked the doors, Raiden overheard the sounds of breaking glass and giggling from within, which he surmised, correctly, was from one, or more, goblins.

        Loem successfully opened the back door lock and the party quietly moved inside, taking position to storm the main factory floor.  Then as one, rushed in quickly overpowering 7 of the 10 goblins, with the other 3 fleeing downstairs.  Aldern in particular attempted to make a show of his swordsmanship, but came up a bit short.

        Further, they also discovered the gruesome remains of Lonjiku Kaijitsu who had been encased in molten glass and the dismembered bodies of the Glassworkers, including Kaneda’s cousin Shiro.

        The party pursued the fleeing goblins into the Glassworks basement where they overheard someone ordering the goblins to attack once again and that he would back them up.  Which they did, but the 4th person never joined in and Zadok made short work of 2 of the goblins and the 3rd was captured.
      2. 8:55am - The party took a few minutes to dispatch the sleeping goblins, tie up 2 for later interrogation, and examine the room below where they found a personal journal that revealed much but left more questions.  Namely:
        1. The writer had been involved in planning the attack on Sandpoint.
        2. The Thistletop Goblins were involved.
        3. A larger attack was coming.
        4. Someone named Ripnugget favored an overwhelming land approach.
        5. That the writer wanted “the quasit” involved and to send her freaks up from below via the smuggling tunnels in the glassworks.
        6. That a Bugbear named Bruthazmus was involved in the planning.
        7. The writer was in love with someone who is distracted by some sort of lower chamber and something called “Malfeshnekor”.
        8. That the writer’s love was undergoing some sort of transformation into a demon to remove her “celestial taint”, and part of that was burning her father’s remains.
        9. That this ritual was being performed at the Thistletop Shrine.
    4. Location: Smuggling Tunnels below Sandpoint
      1. 9:15am - The party set off in pursuit after Loem discovered that someone had been drug out of one of the basement storage rooms.
      2. 9:20am – For 400 feet they followed the winding tunnel before Loem spotted a concealed side passage. They paused briefly to examine and open it, finding a passageway into a cavern that appeared to date back to ancient Thassilon. 

        They were further attacked by a hairless humanoid with a bent-back, dog-like legs, and a hideous mouth flanked by tiny arms with three-fingered hands. It was quickly dispatched after it was finished off by a brilliant sword stroke from Aldern.  The party then sealed the door once more, and continued on in pursuit.
      3. 9:30am - They eventually emerged to the east north east of Sandpoint on a cliff face along the coast where they saw someone rowing away in a boat with, what appeared to be, another person tied up in the boat.  Kaneda, Loem, Raiden, and Zadok opened fire with bows and crossbows and, seemingly, dropping the rower unconscious.

        Kaneda quickly shucked his gear and swam out to the boat to investigate. Raiden was going to as well, but turned back after the swimming became too rough.

        At the boat, as Kaneda attempted to climb in, he was attacked by the rower who turned out to be his half-brother Tsuto.  After a brief, vicious battle, Tsuto was knocked unconscious and Kaneda freed Ameiko, bound Tsuto, and then rowed back to shore, picking up Raiden along the way.
    5. Location: Sandpoint Glassworks
      1. 10am - The party once more returned to the Glassworks and began interrogating their prisoners.  They learned nothing from Tsuto, and he was eventually executed by Kaneda. From the goblin, Snotty, they learned that someone called “the White Lady” was involved somehow with the goblins and that she was at their home.  The goblin agreed to lead them there in exchange for a dog to eat, but the party wanted to rest first, so they bound him up and locked him in a room.

        Ameiko, now freed, began taking stock of the situation, though her first priority is to see that her father is properly honored and so that in 7 days his remains would be cremated and then Kaneda and she must sit vigil with his remains for 7 weeks in accordance with Minkanese tradition.
      2. 11am - The party returns to the Rusty Dragon Inn where Aldern begins buying everyone drinks in celebration of his heroics. During the celebrations, Ameiko approaches everyone in the party separately, and expresses their gratitude for rescuing her and gives them free room and board at the Rusty Dragon for life.  Raiden quietly departs to begin some research, as does Zadok to begin patrolling the town. 

        While patrolling, Zadok was approached by Raiden who was curious if he’d seen Shalelu Andosana around, as he had questions for her about goblins and Thistletop, but Zadok had not seen her.
      3. 1pm - The poor archives at the Sandpoint Cathedral proving insufficient, Raiden seeks out Chask Haladan, a local sage and expert on religions, for research help.  Together they spend the next several hours researching the clues found in the journal from the Glassworks.
      4. 11pmRaiden & Chask learned that there are mentions of rituals to demon lords, particularly Lamashtu, where one could be transformed into a demon. These rituals require an unholy place and the sacrifice of one’s loved ones.

Monday – 9/26/4707

    1. Location: Rusty Dragon Inn
      1. 8am - The party gathers at the Rusty Dragon Inn and agrees to investigate the tunnels below the Glassworks.
    2. Location: Sandpoint Glassworks
      1. 8:10amMax extricates the captured Goblin, after making him prove himself by catching a chicken while tied up, and promises him a horse to eat if he leads him “home”.  The goblin agrees and the party takes off through the tunnels.
    3. Location: Smuggler Tunnels
      1. 8:15am - The party arrives at the concealed entrance in the tunnels where they’d discovered the Thassilonian tunnel and been attacked.  The Goblin tells them that the White Woman was interested in the tunnel, but he doesn’t know why.  So they hang the goblin from the wall and enter to investigate.
    4. Location: Catacombs of Wrath
      1. 8:15am – Noon
        1. The party enters the catacombs and begins exploring. The first notable thing they find is a statue of an incredibly beautiful, but monstrously enraged woman holding a exquisitely made ranseur.  Though obviously ancient in design and make, the weapon is in pristine condition.  Max extricates it from the statue.
        2. The party next enters an ancient jail where they dispatch two more of the creatures that attacked them yesterday.  After the battle, Max remembers reading something about creatures known as “Sinspawn” that might be these creatures and that they were used as shock troops in ancient Thassilon.
        3. Next the party encounters a horribly mutated goblin creature with an extra arm and seemly guarding a room full of pits, each with a zombie inside.  After a vicious battle, the creature is put down and then the party spends a bit of time disposing of the zombies in the pit.

          The party explores further discovering a collapsed stairwell leading downwards and a strange spherical room.

          In the spherical room, the party found numerous items floating in the seemingly weightless room, including what looks to be an unholy book to Lamashtu called “The Benediction to the Mother of Monsters.”
        4. Backtracking, the party next investigated a ruined library, though the only thing of note discovered within was an ancient scroll written in Thassilonian.
        5. Returning to the room with the statute, the party explored the next hall, finding a pool of clean water lined with stone skulls.  Before they could investigate however, they were attacked by, and killed, a creature with a blackened, bat-winged fiend’s head. Tentacles dangling from its chin and scalp, and its fanged mouth hanging agape that Max identified as a Vargouille, an outsider sometimes employed as a guardian.

          Further investigations of the pool only revealed that it radiated a weak aura of conjuration.

          Beyond the pool the party found another set of spiral stairs, this time going upwards before being choked with rubble. However the air was fresher, indicating that outside air was entering here.
        6. The party then went on to explore the third junction from the room with the statue which lead to a small altar room and then a large vaulted cathedral.  In the cathedral, the party discovered first a large pool filled with a hideous black liquid and lined with well polished human skulls as well as a triangular pool that glowed as if lava but instead radiated a coldness that permeated the room.

          Standing next to the second pool was a quasit, a minor demon, dressed in black finery and jewelry. It was obviously surprised by the party’s entrance and as they charged, it sliced open its own hand, hurling blood into the pool, and out from which then crawled another Sinspawn.

          The party engaged in a protracted battle, first cutting down the sinspawn and ultimately the quasit as well.

End Session 2



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