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Session 1


Start Session 1
Thursday, 9/22/4707
Friday, 9/23/4707 – Autumnal Equinox & Swallowtail Festival
Saturday, 9/24/4707
Sunday, 9/25/4707

Session Recaps


    1. Kaneda Kaijitsu (Justin) – Tian-Min Samurai
    2. Maximillian Deverin (Brandon) – Chelaxian Evoker
    3. Raiden Tobyn (BJ) – Varisian Oracle of Life
    4. Zadok Tobyn (Eric) – Varisian Fighter
    5. Loem (Ben) – Dwarven Ranger

Start Session 1

Thursday, 9/22/4707

    1. Location: Rusty Dragon Inn
      1. Kaneda was at the Rusty Dragon helping his twin sister Ameiko. Though past relationship difficulties have strained things between them, she had pleaded for his help in preparing for the Swallowtail Festival tomorrow.

        While working in the cellar, Kaneda was approached by Sheriff Belor Hemlock who also needed a favor. Specifically, Sheriff Hemlock needs an extra guard for the north gate of Sandpoint during in the morning for the 1st half of the Swallowtail Festival tomorrow and Lonjiku Kaijitsu, Ameiko & Kaneda’s father, said that he, Kaneda, would help.  Kaneda agreed and promised to be at the north gate by 7am.
      2. Raiden & Zadok Tobyn were at the Rusty Dragon Inn having lunch when Father Abstalar Zanthus (not Zathrus) entered the bar looking for the two of them.  He was very apologetic for not having thought to ask this, but he really wanted the two of them to take part in the Swallowtail Festival ceremonies tomorrow. Since they were the only surviving children of the deceased, but still beloved, Father Ezakien Tobyn, the former head of Sandpoints Temple. After they agreed, he spelled out their day’s itinerary starting with the opening ceremony at 9am, then the Swallowtail Butterfly Release at noon, and finally the dedication of the new Sandpoint Cathedral at sunset.
      3. Maximillian Deverin was at the Rusty Dragon to meet an old friend, Aldern FoxgloveFoxglove had undertaken the restoration of his family’s country estate, which had been partially destroyed a few years ago, and was in town to oversee the progress.  While there, he contacted Maximillian to have lunch and to inquire about his services in researching his family history. Foxglove was interested in learning more about both the Varisian and Chelaxian halves of his family.
      4. Loem was at the Rusty Dragon having breakfast when he was approached by an old friend, Grayst Sevillia. Grayst let him know that Jubrayl wanted to meet him at the Fatman’s Feedbag.  Once there, Jubrayl informed him that they had a shipment coming tomorrow morning and that he needs some help seeing it delivered and to be at the abandoned barn on the Lost Coast Road by Cougar Creek at 9am.

Friday, 9/23/4707 – Autumnal Equinox & Swallowtail Festival

    1. Location: North Gate of Sandpoint
      1. 7am - Kanedaarrives at the north gate of the city, relieving the guard and assuming his watch post there.
      2. 8:45amKaneda is approached by his cousin Shiro KaijitsuShiro, a cousin and Lonjiku’s right hand at the Sandpoint Glassworks, tells Kaneda that Lonjiku has taken ill and will not be able to give his speech to open the Swallowtail Festival and instructs Kaneda to give it for him.

        Kaneda is rather distraught at the idea of public speaking, but more so at abandoning his post without relief.  Shiro further informs him that Father Zanthus has already been told that Kaneda will make the speech. Kaneda still refuses to abandon his post, so Shiro departs saying he will go and find Sheriff Hemlock to send a replacement.
      3. 8:55amFather Zanthus arrives at the Gate in a panic that Kaneda is not yet at the podium to speak.  Kaneda states that he cannot abandon his post, so Father Zanthus assures him that everything will be fine and nothing will happen if he leaves for a few minutes.  Kaneda still refuses, so Father Zanthus exasperatedly agrees to watch the gate for the few minutes that Kaneda is gone.  Kaneda accepts and heads to the square in front of the Sandpoint Cathedral.
    2. Location: Abandoned Barn, Lost Coast Road
      1. 9am - Loem and Grayst arrive at the barn and meet with 3 Sczarni, (Tarch Mortwell, Lener Hask, and Gedwin Tabe) who are busy sorting out the shipment.  Mortwell informs them that they’re to deliver 2 chests, one to Foxglove Manor by noon, a second to Habe’s Sanitorium by 5pm.
    3. Location: Sandpoint Cathedral Square
      1. 9am - Mayor Kendra Deverin welcomes everyone to the opening of the Swallowtail Festival and gives a brief speech of welcome. Sheriff Hemlock follows her, admonishing everyone to be safe and asks for a moment of silence for those who died during the Late Unpleasantness.  Kaneda speaks next, giving a stumbly summary of what the Swallowtail Festival is all about.  Finally Cydrok Drokkus, owner of the Sandpoint Theater, speaks, livening the crowd up, promoting the theater, and recapping everything done to bring the Cathedral to life.
      2. 9:30amBrodert Quink & Veznut Parooh find Max and all 3 hang out together during the festival, using a myriad of languages to criticize the various performances during the introductions.
    4. Location: Foxglove Manor, Sandpoint Hinterlands
      1. Noon – Grayst and Loem arrive at Foxglove Manor where numerous workmen are busy making repairs to the mansion.  Grayst is nervous about the place, telling Loemthat it’s called “The Misgivings” because so much bad has happened there.  Most recently, about five years ago, a pack of northmen apparently raided it and set it on fire, but it, mysteriously, did not burn to the ground despite quite a conflagration.

        After a short wait, a they are invited into the parlor where they meet a handsome young nobleman who introduces himself as Aldern Foxglove whom Loem recognizes from the Rusty Dragon yesterday morning. The young man is obviously agitated, accepts the package, and offers Grayst & Loem tea. Grayst, however, is still uncomfortable and so they decline and depart.  As they leave, Loem catches a stunningly beautiful Varisian woman peering out of a top floor window at him.
    5. Location: Sandpoint Cathedral Square
      1. 12:00pm - Raiden, Zardok, Father Zantus and the other clergy perform the Swallowtail Butterfly Release ceremony.
      2. 12:10pmKaneda is finally relieved of duty at the Gate by a somewhat less than sober guard who he then reports to Sheriff Hemlock. Hemlock isn’t terribly concerned with it, but promises to check up on the guard.
      3. 12:30pm – The Hagfish, Rusty Dragon, and White Deer inns all begin serving free lunch to the festival goers, with Ameiko Kaijitsu’s Spicy Curried Salmon being the commonly agreed upon as the best dish.
    6. Location: Grump’s Farm, Sandpoint Farmlands
      1. 2pm - Grayst & Loem stop off at the farm of Maester Grump, an old farmer, drinking buddy, and distant cousin of Grayst’s.  As his name would imply, Maester Grump is rather crotchety, but he makes a damn good mead that the three of them spend the afternoon sipping on and trading lies.
      2. 5pm - Grayst & Loem arrive at Habe’s Sanitorium to make their final delivery.  Unfortunately the Sanitorium’s two orderlies, Gortus & Gurnak, tiefling brothers, inform them that Master Habe has not yet returned from Sandpoint, but they expect him back soon.
      3. 5:15pmLoem spots two men approaching on a horse drawn buggy. The first is Erin Habe, but the other is an unknown middle aged Varisian man.  The man shows some sign of agitation and hostility before Habe quiets him and tells him that they’re expected and they’re just delivering “that package from Mr. Vhiski.”  The man grumps and heads inside while Habe collects the package and then does the same.
    7. Location: Sandpoint Cathedral Square
      1. 6pm - Crowds gather back before the Sandpoint Cathedral to begin the dedication of the Sandpoint Cathedral.  Father Zantus gets everyone’s attention by using a Thunderstone. However, when he does this, groups of goblin infiltrators scramble from hiding and begin attacking the festival goers.

        Raidon, Zadok, Max, and Kaneda all leap into action, killing numerous goblins in the square as they scramble about killing dogs, horses, and cutting up civilians.  Just as the last of them falls though, they seeAldern Foxglove, by the gate, being attacked by another goblin, this one riding a dog of some sort.  They rush to his aid, killing the goblins menacing him.  Afterwards, Foxglove is almost fawning in his admiration for the group and asks them to stop by the Rusty Dragon inn tomorrow, where he is staying, so that he may properly reward them.

        In the aftermath, Zadok & Kaneda dispatch the wounded and magically unconscious goblins, keeping a single one as prisoner to interrogate.  That one indicates that:
        1. It is a member of the Birdcruncher Tribe, but that not all goblins in the assault were parts of the same tribe, such as the goblin on dogback who was from the Mosswood Tribe.
        2. That they were being led by a Longshanks that was using the goblin attack as cover to do something in the Boneyard.

Kaneda & Zadok then dispatch the prisoner and the group heads to the Boneyard.

    1. Location: Southeast of Sandpoint.
      1. 6:05pm - As Grayst & Loem are returning to Sandpoint, they spot several plumes of smoke coming from inside the village as well as what looks to be a pack of goblin’s and a human fleeing Sandpoint along the Turandarok River and carrying a pair of wooden boxes that might be coffins. Grayst mentions that there is a 5gp bounty on each set of goblin ears at the Goblin Squash Stables, and with a grin, the two move to setup a quick ambush.

        Grayst & Loem move ahead of the goblins, surmising correctly, that they’re going to be heading to the Birdcruncher warrens on the western end of the Devil’s Platter.  Then, as the goblins begin crossing the river, they open fire with their crossbows killing 4 before the rest flee into the woods just west of the Ravenroost Hills.

        Grayst & Loem quickly fish out the 4 bodies, taking the ears, and then tossing the bodies into the river to wash downstream.  They then head into the Ravensroost to see if they can find the others.
    2. Location: Sandpoint Boneyard
      1. 6:30pm – The group arrives in the Boneyard and begins scouring the area looking for anything unusual. The first thing they notice is that the door to the tomb where the deceased clergy of Sandpoint are interred is ajar.  Opening it, a group of skeletons, the animated remains of three of the city’s clergy, rush out to attack, but are quickly dispatched. Then, looking inside, they see that the coffins of Father Ezakien Tobyn and Nualia Tobyn have been taken.

        Further investigation reveals that the coffins were taken out, most likely, over a ladder in the back of the graveyard. The group attempts to follow the tracks, but loses them a few hundred yards outside the city when the thieves crossed into the Turandarok River.
      2. 7:00pm - The party returns to town and converses with Sheriff Hemlock about what they’d learned before turning in.
    3. Location: Fatman’s Feedbag, Sandpoint
      1. 9pm - Grayst & Loem return to the Fatman’s Feedbag, having given up on their search for the other goblins after losing the trail in the Ravensroost, and find an exceptionally angry Jubrayl Vhiski.  Barely controlling himself, Jubrayl says that he is offering 500 gold for the head of Shiro Kaijitsu.  When Grayst asks why, Jubrayl simply says “because he will pay for what he’s done.”

        Grayst & Loem agree to the contract and formulate a plan. Since it’s late, they begin by watching the two places they’ve heard Shiro frequents the most with Loem settling in at the Rusty Dragon Inn and Grayst near the Kaijitsu Manor.

Saturday, 9/24/4707

    1. Location: Various places around Sandpoint.
      1. 8am - While on the way to the Rusty Dragon to meet the others, Raiden is approached by a very comely young woman named Shayliss Vinder, the daughter of the owner of the General Store.  Shayliss pleads with Raiden for his help because something is hiding in the basement of the Store. She has no idea what it might be, but her father has been too busy to and can’t be found to investigate, so she needs Raiden’s help.

        Raiden agrees and, along with Shayliss, enters the store’s cellar where, after cautious investigation, Shayliss disrobes and jumps Raiden.  Raiden is shocked and tries to talk his way out of the cellar, but Shayliss is relentless.  Just when it looks like Raiden might be extricating himself from Shayliss, her father, Ven Vinder comes down into the Cellar.

        Ven is incensed to find his partially clothed youngest daughter with a man, and begins threatening Raiden. Raiden, in an inspired moment convinces Ven that he is actually there to lead them in prayer.  Ven, taken aback, relents and for the next hour, Raiden leads him in prayer that Desna strengthen the morals of Ven’s daughters.
      2. 8am - While on his way to the Rusty Dragon as well, Zadok is approached by a panicked mother and her two children. She claims that something attacked her child in his bedroom, and that she needs help and as proof she shows the bite marks on her son’s arms.  Further, she exclaims that her husband is in the house with whatever it is and that Zadok must hurry.

        Zadok runs to the house and then into the son’s bedroom where he finds the husband’s corpse being eaten by a goblin.  Zadok kills the thing, but is then left trying to cover so the woman doesn’t see her dead husband. So he sends her to find Kaneda, Max, and Raiden at the Rusty Dragon.  She does and leads them back to her home, whereupon  Max, blunders and reveals that her husband is dead, to which she immediately goes into a screaming fit.

        Not long after, Sheriff Hemlock arrives, drawn by the commotion, and sees the woman tended too.  He reveals that this is the 3rd such incident of a goblin hiding under a home today, though this is the 1st case of a death.  He thanks them again for dealing with the problem and the group departs for the Rusty Dragon.
      3. 8:30am – After a long, boring night, Grayst & Loem meet at the Fatman’s Feedbag to check in with one another. Grayst then begins searching Sandpoint while Loem heads out into the Hinterlands to check along the Lost Coast Road, the farms, and ultimately the Whisperwood.
      4. 9:00am - The group, now gathered at the Rusty Dragon, meet with Aldern Foxglove.  He proposes, somewhat awkwardly, taking the group on a Boar Hunt as thanks.  The group is reticent to do this, and instead plans to begin tracking down the missing coffins. Aldern’s hopes of showing his generosity to the party are dashed, but then rekindled when Max invites him along.  As thanks, he buys everyone horses, tack, saddle, and harnesses.

        While preparing to depart, Raiden is approached by Father Zantus who asks that Raiden and Zadok attend the, now much quieter and private, dedication of the Cathedral tonight at 5.  Raiden agrees on their behalf.
      5. 9:30am – 4:00pm -  The party then begins running errands around town in preparation for their excursion. Including:
        1. Visiting the Cathedral to purchase healing potions.
        2. Visiting Bottled Solutions, the Pillbug’s Pantry, and others to purchase healing potions.
        3. Visiting Savah’s Armory to sell several pieces of loot acquired yesterday and purchase a new suit of armor for Zadok.
        4. Visiting Brodert Quink to ask about any information on Necromancers & Goblins in the area.
        5. Visiting Ilsoari Ganethus to inquire about anything he might know of necromancers in the area and how powerful a necromancer it would take to reanimate three skeletons as was done yesterday.
      6. 4:00pm - The party returns to the Rusty Dragon for a quick dinner before Raiden and Zadok head to the Sandpoint Cathedral for the dedication.  While there, Lonjiku Kaijitsu storms into the inn, yelling for his “Scullery Maid of a Daughter” to present herself.

        Before Ameiko can appear though, Lonjiku notices Kaneda and the others and launches an insulting and belittling tirade against them.  When she does though, they enter a heated argument where he demands that Ameiko and Kaneda return to the Kaijitsu Manor and pack their things to depart for Magnimar.

        Ameiko resolutely refuses, and Lonjiku declares that she is dead to him.  Kaneda, not taking any side, tells them both to grow up and act with honor, to which both storm off separately.
      7. 5:00pm - Zadok & Raiden attend the Cathedral Dedication which goes off without a hitch this time.
      8. 9pm - Loem returns to Sandpoint and meets with Grayst at the Fatman’s Feedbag to confer and once again report failure. They split up once again to their respective stakeouts, this time Grayst at the Rusty Dragon and Loem at the Kaijitsu Manor.

Sunday, 9/25/4707

    1. Location: Rusty Dragon Inn
      1. 8am - Zadok is the 1st to arrive at the Rusty Dragon Inn common room to meet the others. While waiting, he is approached by a halfling woman named Bethana Corwin, who works at the Rusty Dragon.  Bethana haltingly explains that Ameiko is missing, but that she found a note in a language she doesn’t understand.  Zadok takes the note and thinks its in a language Kaneda will understand, and so departs to find him.
      2. 8:15am – A winded Grayst finds Loem as he’s watching the Kaijitsu manor and informs him that he overheard the halfling maid at the Rusty Dragon telling one of the “Heroes of Sandpoint”, that Ameiko Kaijitsu had gone missing and that a note in a strange language had been found.  He isn’t sure what’s in the note, but the guy is on his way here to find Ameiko’s brother, Kaneda and he, Grayst, thinks it might be a lead to Shiro since may be one Kaijitsu will lead to another and then to another.


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